Frequently Asked Questions

You just received notice that your images are available to view online. Now what? We’ve designed this page to help you get started with your online gallery. To see important information regarding purchasing prints through your gallery, please visit Order Prints.

How do I access my images?

First things first, to access your gallery, visit Scroll through the list of available galleries to find the image set that interests you and click on the cover image. You will be asked to submit a password to enter the gallery. If you do not know your gallery password, please contact us.

Tip: We strongly recommend you browse your gallery on a desktop computer or iPad, as this will give you a better view of the images and will better help you navigate the entire gallery.

Should I create a PhotoShelter Account? How do I do that?

Once you are inside your gallery, we STRONGLY recommend you create a free account with Photoshelter (our online gallery software system). Having an account will allow you to create “Lightboxes” (folders to which you can save favorite images, etc.), purchase prints, and will increase the overall utility of your online gallery.

To create an account, click the My Account link, located in the upper right of this page.

Anytime you return to visit your gallery, you will want to sign in to your account to access your saved Lightboxes and to view previous purchases.

How do I navigate the image gallery?

The default screen for your gallery displays your images as thumbnails. Holding your mouse over a thumbnail creates a larger, pop-up thumbnail. Click any thumbnail once to view a large image preview on a new screen. Three buttons appear above the image: Buy, Add to Lightbox, and Download.

  • Buy: Allows you to purchase fine art prints from Parisi Images. After clicking this button, a pop-up box will appear, providing you with a list of different print sizes and prices available for purchase.

  • Add to Lightbox: Allows you catalog the image in one of your Lightboxes.

  • Download: Allows you to download a comp (a lo-resolution, watermarked) version of the image. (If your session included Image Download, this button will allow you to download full-resolution files.)

Located directly beneath these three buttons and directly above the preview image, is the Filename. Should you ever have a question about a certain image, please refer to this Filename in your question.

What is a Lightbox?

“Lightboxes” are folders you can create to organize your photos. For example, if you wish to purchase prints and want to make a collection of favorite images, you may want to create a “Favorite” lightbox. Alternatively, if you are creating an album with Parisi Images and need to select your images for the layout, you can create an “Album Images” lightbox.

To create a Lightbox, simply click the “Lightbox” link in the navigation at top.

With a PhotoShelter account, you can create and save as many Lightboxes as you wish. (Note: You an create a Lightbox without an account, however you will not be able to save it for future reference.)

Why are some images only in black and white?

By default, all images are presented to you in color. Sometimes, an image's color profile renders the image quality less than Parisi Images' standard. In this case, Parisi Images reserves the right to present the image only in black and white. Please note that while any image presented in color can be processed as black and white upon special request, images presented in black and white can not be reverted back to color.

Can I purchase prints?

YES! To purchase prints, simply click the "BUY" button located above each full-sized image proof. For additional information and policies on ordering prints, please visit our Order Prints page.